Thank you for your interest in our children's martial arts program. There are many benefits of  martial arts training for your child.

The martial arts are famous for teaching discipline which is self-control and this is usually the initial reason children are put into classes but there is so much more that is learned.

Our program is based on the Korean martial arts because through the Korean martial arts philosophy everyone has to learn and strive to folllow the Creed and Tenants handed down from the ancient Hwarang Warriors of Korea. They are as follows:

Be loyal to your country
Be lovable between husband and wife
Be respectful to your elders
Be faithful between friends
Never retreat in battle
Be obedient to your parents
Be cooperative between brothers
Be faithful between teacher and student 
Be just in killing
      Always finish what you start

Indomitable Spirit

Learning to follow the creed and tenants helps develop a person with good morals and respect for themselves, others, and all life. All children are required to bring in their report cards for monitoring and must have acceptable grades to advance and continue training.  This helps  to improve their academic success.

Our program develops the three areas of a person; mind, body, and spirit.

The mind is developed through the practice of forms which require patience and memory skills which increase the ability to concentrate and focus on a given task. They also develop  social skills as they learn the proper way to treat other people and learn acceptance of themselves and others no matter what color, race, sex. creed, handicap, or disability. Self-esteem is developed as they are positively encouraged to learn challenging tasks and the idea that they can do anything they want to if they try hard enough. Through meditation they learn patience, critical thinking skills, and self-control. Physically they learn balance and co-ordination with increased muscle strength and flexibility through physical exercises such as kicking, falling, punching drills, and sparring. Spirit in the martial arts is the inner essence of a person. that driving force. Through positive thinking and pushing one's self to the limit one develops a strong indomitable spirit that allows you to overcome obstacles in life that are hard to get over or that are trying to hold you back.

Our program will help your child be a person who is smarter, has higher grades in school, respect and discipline for others, more obedient, neater, has a longer attention span. better balance, flexibility, muscle strength and coordination, has family values. high self-esteem, leadership qualities, modesty, and the ability to defend himself.

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Why?  Because we put God first in everything!

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