The origins of arnis are difficult to trace, primarily because there are nearly as many of Filipino stick fighting as there are islands in the Philippine archipelago--more than 7000.

  The races that settled in these islands came from India, Southwest Asia, China and Indonesia.  these diverse races and cultures blended their heritages over the centuries, producing a common method of  for employing sharp swords, daggers, and firehardened sticks in combat.   These highly spohisticated fighting styles have grown in popularity in the international artial arts community.  One of these earlies known forms was called "tjakelele" (Indonesian fencing).  "Kali" is another term familiar to stick fighter around the world today.     When the Philippines were invaded by the spanish, the invaders required guns to subdue their fierce opponents.  The deadly fighting skills of Filipino warriors nearly overwelmed them, and they dubbed the native stick style "escrima" (skirmish).
   Escrima was subsequently outlawed, but the techniques did not disappear.  They were preserved in secret, sometimes under the very noses of conquistadors, in the form of dances or mock battles staged in religious plays known as "moro-moro".
  Grandmaster, Dr. Lyndon Johnson brings the combat essentials of these Filipino Martial Arts and their Indonesian and Pacific Archipelago sources together in the programs of the Hwarang Warrior Martial Arts Academy.  

Earn rank and instructor certifications in:

Pacific Archipelago Combatives
(The empty hand and weapon fighting  techniques of the pacific islands)

Filipino Combatives
(The empty hand and fighting techniques of the Phillippines)

(Filipino/Indonesian Weapon and Empty Hand)

(Filipino/Indonesian Weapon and Empty Hand)

Modern Arnis
(Filipino Stick, Knife, and Empty Hand)

What's different about our FMA/ KALI-SILAT PROGRAM?

Many Filipino Systems have you  do the same material over and over in dozens of different drills and what seems like hundreds of templates, however you are learning the same material over and over again.  The same material can be taught in just a couple of drills and mastered a lot faster.  In our FMA KALI-SILAT  program we teach the combat essentials that you need and we don't waste your time on things that you don't.

What disciplines do we teach?

Mano y Mano

Single Stick

Double Stick


Espalda y daga


double daga

Short and long sword

Filipino/Indo grappling

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Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo  /   Kickboxing / Hapkido / Jujitsu / Kempo Karate
Pacific Archipelago Combatives  /  Filipino Combatives / FCS-KALI